Friday, 13 January 2012

Hit Bingo -Thumbs Down!

Here at New Bingo Sites UK we like to give a fair review but I think it's fair to say we were really disappointed by Hit Bingo. As players log on to the site there is no obvious running theme, players are presented with an orange checked background and tacky images displayed on the home page. It seems Hit Bingo are trying to go for a fiery theme but it appears that the fire has already burnt out for Hit Bingo.

Hit Bingo offer players a free £20 no deposit bonus when they register on the site and payment details are not needed to recieve this bonus which is a plus side. Hit Bingo are currently offering players a 1000% bonus on their first three deposits, players recieve;

200% bonus on their first deposit
300% bonus on their second deposit
500% bonus on their third deposit

Players can also receive a 30% cash referral offer when they recommend a friend to sign up to Hit Bingo, the referrer will receive 30% on their friends first deposit.

When one of our team members at New Bingo Sites UK registered an account they found it very easy and straight forward to register and received their welcome bonus straight away. However, there appears to be a lack of players in all the rooms which probably explains why we won 1 line and a full house in one game!

A real down side to Hit Bingo is that players need a balance of at least £50 to request a withdrawal and players also need to deposit £20 prior to requesting a withdrawal. We'd have to give Hit Bingo a thumbs down as it feels like there is a real lack of community within the website and the withdrawal requirements are far too high!

Hit Bingo Chatty 90 Bingo Room:

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  1. seems to have gone down, site is not playing and no chat hosts about, no answer to e-mails, withdrawrals not going through, been robbed