Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Zynga Bingo Launches

The latest game to the Zynga brand was launched last week when the beta version of Zynga Bingo went live on Facebook. Zynga Bingo is similar in game play to an ordinary game of bingo, however Zynga Bingo can be played on Facebook with family and friends or fellow Zynga Bingo players.

When players log into the game they can see the virtual bingo rooms their friends are playing in and can play against each other. Currently Zynga Bingo are only allowing a limted number of players as they are "adding the finishing touches to their rooms." Zynga Bingo also express when players try to access the app on Facebook that they appreciate the interest so as a gift to interested players they will be sending players an email with five free bingo cards once the game is open and live to all Facebook users.

Unfortunately due to the limited number of players currently allowed to play Zynga Bingo we couldn't access the game to show you what Zynga Bingo in game play looks like. However, Zynga Bingo have realised the following video on YouTube discussing the brand new game on Facebook.

You can read the latest news regarding Zynga Bingo's launch at BallsUpBingo's Bingo news page.

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